1) How many sessions take place in a week?
We will have two sessions a week,Thursday & Saturday 6 am – 7:30am

2) What are the Fees? When will we have to start paying for the sessions?
The sessions will be conducted free of cost.

3) Can we participate for both 5k & 10k?
Your training with Reebok Running Squad will prepare you to for a 5K and 10K run. As a member of the Squad, you will participate in events that Reebok Running Squad will be associated with.

4) Are there any measures for Road Safety?
Yes, road run routes will be curated by the Squad Leader and the Trainers, keeping in mind traffic conditions and other variables.

5) Is there parking available at the venue?
Yes, parking is available at all 4 venues i.e. Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru & Gurugram. Parking will be at the owner’s risk. We highly insist on our members carpooling.

6) Do we get to represent RRS by participating in other running events?
Members are encouraged to participate in as many events as they may like. However, during the course of your training with Reebok Running Squad you will also have the opportunity to participate in events with the entire Squad.

7) Do we get any nutrition or dieting plans?
All Squad Leaders and Trainers are proficient athletes and understand nutrition and hydration. You may always consult with them for your diet and nutrition plans.

8) I am a beginner, is this program suitable for me?
Yes, this program is suitable to everyone - from beginner to a seasoned runner.

9) Will RRS provide breakfast after every session?
Breakfast will not be provided after every session.

10) Do we get a workout plan for the whole week/month after we join RRS?
Yes, a monthly plan will be shared on our website www.reebokrunningsquad.com

11) Can someone with medical issues join RRS?
RRS is open to all but we highly recommend you a doctor’s certificate/note if you have past health problems and/or heart condition, breathing disorders etc.

12) Should I eat before the session?
You can have something light before the session if you want to.

13) Is it necessary to wear Reebok shoes or t-shirts during the session?
Not necessarily, but we recommend you try and use our gear.

14) Are there any criteria for participants before we register for RRS?